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"I always used Salt and Soda Tooth Powder before flossing when I go to the dentist, and I never fail to get compliments on my oral hygiene!" - J.B., La Mesa, CA
”I have receding and bleeding gums for a while. My dentist told me to have more professional cleaning (every three months), but it wasn't working either. I stated looking for a more natural approach and found this product (never hear before) After the first week, no more bleeding and after the second week of using it, my gums were healthy pink. No more red irritation around the teeth. It is very salty.” - Amazon Customer
”Having some tartar and gum issues, I remember that my mother used to use a home-made blend of salt and baking soda, so when I saw this, I thought why not? It is exceptional at cutting through tartar and my teeth seem whiter. I brush with this first, then follow with a regular toothpaste and my mouth never felt cleaner. Caution: This is abrasive, so use a soft toothbrush.” - Amazon Customer
”I love it! My teeth feel and look so clean after each use. Taste is great (salty clean) and doesn’t linger. Now I don’t have to make my own!” - Amazon Customer
“I love this stuff, heals teeth & gums, recommended by Edgar Cayce. Jar lasts a long time!” - Amazon Customer